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Runway Cakes - Viva la Cake Transformation

23rd August 2019

The cake design game has really evolved over time. Once upon a time, all you had to do was mix up your butter, sugar, eggs, and flour and throw them in the oven. Well maybe don’t do the throwing part J


All the same, you would cool your cakes, add on a generous helping of buttercream and voila, you were done. Finito!

Now cakes have become a talking point at events, from human-sized cakes to mini cakes; fault-line cakes, drip cakes, mirror-glazed cakes… the list is endless. As far as your imagination can take you, there’s always a cake for you.


Here’s our slice of what we’ve chosen to call “Viva la Cake Transformation”. We’re taking our cakes to the runway. Cute and eye-catching cake designs that bring out the fashionista and diva in you.

The Black Chanel High Heeled Shoe with matching Round, Gold Zipper, Clutch Bag 










BE AWARE: Most of our ingredients include; milk, eggs, gluten and potentially traces of nuts, lupin, seeds and sulphite. In many cake flavours where we may not use nuts directly in the production, please note that we don't operate in a nut-free zone.

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