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6th February 2019

Welcome to February! Phew the pressure of going through the first month in the new year is over, now you can breathe :-) Plus, if you set some goals for the year and you're on track then thumbs up to you, and if you're not on track, then I give you permission to reset and start your 2019 from today (the Cake Goddess has spoken)

In other news... Valentine's day is a few days away and whilst browsing through my brain on what to get for hubby, a light bulb went off in my head... why not get a gift for someone else who wouldn't expect anything from me, especially on Valentine's Day.


As much as you can, Valentine's day should be 365/366 days of the year for lovers and friends; and I don't mean splashing out every day on gifts, but little acts of kindness each and every day. A dear friend of mine once said to me concerning his wife... "every day I would ask my wife; what can I do to make you happy today" ... now if that isn't sweetness personified then I don't know what is.

Naturally, your lover or close "friend" would expect a gift on the day, but rather than sticking with the status quo, why don't you go the extra mile and get a little gift for, or express an act of kindness to someone else


Join me on this Love Revolution. 



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BE AWARE: Most of our ingredients include; milk, eggs, gluten and potentially traces of nuts, lupin, seeds and sulphite. In many cake flavours where we may not use nuts directly in the production, please note that we don't operate in a nut-free zone.

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