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Ayo's Mum - Part 1

14th June 2019

Behind every gorgeous cake, is a Cake Decorator or Cake Decorating team as the case may be... or in my case, behind this Cake Decorator, helping to fan my flames are my loving husband and totally gorgeous son, Ayo.


Now I'm sure a lot of mums, especially mums who bake can relate to this. It’s a throwback story about my first "active" World Book Day (I know right, who comes up with all these "World Days". We all know that as a mum or dad, these special dates need to be scribed in your heart and head to ensure your kid/kids are on top of their game when said dates arrive.


Flashback to March 7th, 2019, and I'm dropping Ayo off at his nursery and suddenly notice that all the kids are dressed in (in my humble opinion) pyjamas... so I scan my brain ...."Did I forget something, hmmm is it sleep-over day in school (in my dreams) oh no it can't be? Should I drive back home and grab some PJs for him?" all these thoughts racing through my head, so feeling really bad I get back in my car and head to work.


So I get to work and some of my colleagues are flicking through photos of their kids in their costumes holding matching storybooks...... No Dee, it’s not PJ day, its WORLD BOOK DAY and wait for it...... no, I did not forget... I just did not know... bring on the bucket of guilt.


Do I let it go? Heck no... I have to redeem myself and keep in the running for Best Mum of the Year... so as soon as I'm done with work, I race to the supermarket, with one thing in mind... "I must get some themed PJs for Ayo, rush home, give him a bath and dress him up, so that I can take photos of him in his costume, holding a book whilst it’s still daylight so that no one knows that I messed up" Sounds simple right? Wrong.


Here's how it all transpired... I get to the supermarket and grab the first cute outfit I see, the hanger says its Ayo's size and the price is right so I rush to pay... run back to my car and try to get in... I can't get in for some reason... oh give me a break already and now it’s raining... I then realize that I'm trying to get into a car which isn't actually mine :-(.... so I wipe my fingerprints and step to the next car which thankfully is my car (phew that was close)



Good... now we're home and I've just given my kid a bath and put his dinner in the oven, so whilst dinner is doing its thing, I start to get him dressed in his new costume PJs..... I inspect the items closely and I've only gone and grabbed the right sized top with matching trousers that are 3 years ahead of my son, so now I'm really upset and look....... it’s about to get dark.


I roll up my sleeves and Ayo's baggy trousers too, cos I have to complete this mission... I grab a book by the same illustrator as the Gruffalo, sit my son on a chair, cos we're going to have a photoshoot whether anybody likes it or not. Bless him, he co-operates and I take some photos...


Can I get a standing ovation, please :-) 


Was it all worth it? No.


To every parent who can relate to this story, no one is judging you... when such situations arise, STOP... THINK... BREATH... Pat yourself on the back and move on. Many times we try to kill ourselves for things that are super trivial.


In my case, will my son ever remember World Book Day 2019? The answer is no


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