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Ayo's Mum - Part 2

9th October 2019

My baby boy is 2!!!!!! And just like every mum or dad who bakes and even those who don't, you feel bound by the parental oath you took in your head to make an "effort".


So I decided to make a cake for my son's nursery so he could share it with his friends and teachers. 


You know how I am with "capturing the moments" :-) The morning of his birthday, we both get ready or shall I say, I got ready and then went to get Ayo ready (hahaha did I really say "we both get ready". Anyway, now that he's all dressed in his shark t-shirt and fed, I set the scene for the photoshoot. Large blue helium balloon in place (with almost all the helium having escaped, cos I bought it 2 days before; eager beaver, drenched in the rain with a large balloon about to blow me away... story for another day), cake in place and now for the easy part, getting Ayo to stand behind the cake and smile.


Here's my best effort below. 

Fast forward to the nursery, and the look on all the kids' faces when we showed up with cake and semi-deflated large blue and very shiny balloon... PRICELESS :-)


With my head held high, I drove off to work...



... a couple of hours later I head back to the nursery to pick the birthday boy and with almost an hour extra added to my travel time, thanks to traffic :-(, I'm late and one of the last two parents to pick my kid. So there he is looking like a trooper in his winter coat with his balloon and leftover cake for company. Yep, I definitely am not getting this elusive "Mum-of-the-year" trophy.


You know what, even though I felt a twinge of guilt, I immediately shrugged it off, thanked the lovely teachers who had stayed back to look after Ayo and hand-in-hand we exited the building. 


Here's our selfie :-) 










BE AWARE: Most of our ingredients include; milk, eggs, gluten and potentially traces of nuts, lupin, seeds and sulphite. In many cake flavours where we may not use nuts directly in the production, please note that we don't operate in a nut-free zone.

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